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Its big, seemingly important, and cool looking, so what does do because it MUST do something special extra deatail- past victory road at the cliff, the flat shiny white rock

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If you're talking about the path that is blocked by a fat guy in Victory Road, that path leads to Route 224, where you can see a white rock, and catch the legendary Pokemon, Shaymin (But there is an event for it, sadly.)

So the rock does nothing?
If you have the event item, you can catch shaymin.
The Event item that you are looking for is called OAK'S LETTER, Witch can let you have access to do a SHAYMIN EVENT but first if you do have it, then answer this to Professer Samuel Oak.

Who Helped you the Most out of the Journey at the Sinnoh Reigion/ who helped you get the pokemon that you can't even get for the pokedex/ or Whitch pokemon helped you all the way to the End?