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Ok, In HG i was by the lake of rage and there was this guy with a dragonite. I was talking to him and he asked me to do something but I can't rember what he said. I can't get to the gym leader with out it so can anyone tell me what he needs me to do? thankyouusss :D

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Did you catch the red gyarados yet? P.S. The guy is Lance
no, i accidenly made it faint xD will it ever come back??
I'm sorry to say that it wont. I played through soul silver three times, and if you really want one, I can give you one. I have an extra :)

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Ok, what you need to do is go to the suspicious shop with the suspicious sign in front. It should have antennas coming out of the top or something. Go in there, and you will see Lance and his Dragonite roughing up a Team Rocket Grunt. He then shows you a hidden passage, and you go to the Team Rocket HQ. After you are finished with Rocket HQ, the gym should be unblocked.

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Thankyouu :D
No problem!