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I found the shiny Gyarados at the Lake of Rage in my Crystal game. It took out my whole team twice and would refuse to be caught, even in an Ultra Ball. That made me wonder if I can even catch it in the first place.

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up vote to cancel out the down vote. Come on, it doesn't get in the pokéball, that makes you thinking too huh!

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It can absolutely be caught. It tends to be on a lot of people's teams due to it being one of very few guaranteed shiny Pokemon, and you can probably find images very easily of people using it.

If you're struggling to catch it, it's probably just bad luck, though I suggesting powering up your team more and obtaining Pokemon that resist Gyarados' stronger attacks. Parasect is great in this role and can put Gyara to sleep with Spore.

Source: I caught it

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thanks so much! I'll start training my team immediately, as well as buy some pokeballs, just for good measure. :)
I will faint that Gyarados. Sorry, but I'ma hunt my own Magikarp. I HATE free shiny's