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I am at the Lake of Rage and this guy won't let me pass, he says go look at things. At the Lake, I accidentally KO'd the shiny Gyarados, but my friend traded me her shiny gyarados before I even got to the Lake of Rage. I am stuck here! Please help. I have beat the gym already.

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I assume the guy isn't letting you go to Route 44 (the one past Mahogany Town)? Once you have beaten the gym you need to Fly to Goldenrod City where Team Rocket has taken over the radio tower.


I dont have Fly.
Are you sure? Its been a while since I played HGSS, but I'm pretty sure you get it after you beat the Cianwood Gym. Even if you don't have it, you need to go to Goldenrod City, so if you don't have Fly, you will have to walk back.
No, i walked there and there is a team rocket guy outside but the inside is totally normal.