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Because I beat the puzzle that happens post-8th Gym, but he's still there planning Tricks, does he have another puzzle, and then I get higher than his level of greatness? Or am I done and he's just doomed to an eternity of standing there puzzling about how to make a good puzzle.

The 8th and final puzzle happens after you beat the Champion, so I guess that is post-game.

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There is a post-game trick house puzzle. There is only 1 though. In ORAS, it doesn't exist.
Source: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Trick_House

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Cool, that'll be cool.
What's the reward for it, or is there not one?
There is one.
Red tent for ruby, blue tent for sapphire. Secret base decoration. I believe it can also be used in your house for rse, but it's been a while since i played those games.
What is it?
Yeah those are the ones. You can also get a Bead Mail in the puzzle and a hidden Nugget under his cushion.
Red Tent for R, Blue Tent for S, both for E.
Cool! There's still tons to do and get there!