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I got a Togepi in HG from the egg that Prof. Elm handed us, and a Togepi in Platinum from the egg Cynthia handed.

My Togepi in HG already has Extrasensory on it when it hatched, but my Togepi in Platinum doesn't??

(also ik that extrasensory is an egg move, but why is it only the HG Togepi who has it??)


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Simple. Game Freak decided to give the HGSS Togepi Extrasensory as one of its moves, but not the Platinum one. No matter how hard you try, the Platinum Togepi can never get Extrasensory upon hatching without cheating.

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Hope I helped!

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Also Extrasensory is a Egg Move for Togepi ONLY in HGSS.
I see. Thanks for taking your time to answer this, Sir X.
Happy to help!