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I am having trouble figuring out how to connect my ds lite to the internet, via pokemon white please help?

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What Operating system are you using on your computer?
Search at youtube, you will find many videos that will help

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Hey Angie! The first things you need to have to get a connection with Nintendo Wi-fi is:
- a DS (obviously!)
- a computer (preferably Windows XP or higher)
- a modem with a Broadband internet service
- a wireless router

First, you have to set up a connection with your modem and your wireless router so that you can create a Wi-fi connection for any device around the house! Make sure it is giving off a signal, and make sure that everything is securely plugged in!
Second, you must set up a connection with your DS to your Wi-fi. The DS only connects to connections that it remembers, so it won't connect to a different network if it can't find one that it remembers and is set up with it. (It can remember up to three different networks)

  • First turn the power on your DS!

  • Second, go to the internet settings of your DS and press A at "Connection Settings". You will see the three places for your DS to remember three networks (Connection 1, 2 and 3)

  • Third, select any one of these connections, and press A. (lt will say "None") Select "Search for an Access Point" and your DS will begin to look for your Wi-fi network along with any other nearby networks. When it is finished making the little ding noise, select your network. (lt will be named whatever you named your Wi-fi network)

  • Fourth, it will confirm this, and there you go! Your Nintendo DS is now connected to the internet!*

For this to happen, your security on your Wi-fi network must be off. l know a lot of people that cannot connect to the internet because of their DS being incompatible with entering the key code to enter the network if there is one. (My network as well!)
So unless your DS works while you have a password set up, by all means keep your network secure!

Now, load Pokemon White and try out anything that requires Wi-fi, such as the Wi-fi Battle Subway, the Global Trading System, Random Matchup, the Wi-fi club room (to battle others that you both have each others Friend Codes), and anything else l may have missed!

Have fun, and good luck!

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Nice answer! One thing wrong though - you don't need your security to be off in most cases. I have security on my router and it works fine. I think it's a specific type of security (WPA2 maybe) that doesn't work with the DS.
Yes, l think so too.  
On my security, my DS isn't compatible with even entering the code, so it will just stay locked (if l lock it) without giving me a chance to enter it.
My internet security uses WPA-2 Personal, but it works fine on Pokemon White. It just doesn't work for any of the Gen IV games.