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During my early times playing Pokemon, I tend to have a belief that defeating trainers give you more Exp. Points than defeating wild Pokemons. Lately, however, I'm starting to think if that was just my foolish belief as a child or if that is actually true.

So, Is it true or is it just me?

i had the same belief as a kid, too, and honestly i still hold this belief. I dont have any evidence, though. surely there's a reason why this is common?

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In older generations, this is true, as in the old formula (the flat one that didn't care about your Pokemon), a could be equal to 1.5 IF you were battling a trainer Pokemon. However, in new generations, the formula itself was changed, as well as a always being equal to one.

1.5 if the fainted Pokémon is owned by a Trainer


So, here's an example.

Say you are battling a level 69 (nice) chansey. Let's define the variables. I will do two seperate calculations with the only valuing differing being a.
a = 1 (in this case)
t = 1.5 (lets say you're using a traded pokemans)
b = 395 (base experience yield)
e = 1.5 (1.5 if it is holding a lucky egg)
L = 69 (nice) (this is the level)
p = 1 (if you're using a power boost or smthn)
f = 1 (affection)
v = 1 (value only changes above gen 6, this is before gen 6)
s = 1 (number of Pokemon that were in the battle)

So, by doing the formula and plugging in the variables, you get 8761 (rounded)

Now, if you put in 1.5, instead, you'll get 13141. That is a huge difference, approximately a 50% increase, which makes sense, because 1.5 is 50% more of 1.

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