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Say I use Surf and KO all five pokes, do I get any bonus Exp. for that?


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You do not get any bonus exp. for sweeping a horde in one move.

After testing this further, I have found that you do not get any bonus experience for sweeping a horde of wild pokémon.

I used two pokémon to test this; a locally traded (1.5x exp.) Venusaur, and my own Hippopotas.

n.b. - I fainted all five opposing pokémon in one move.

Test 1: 5x Level 23 Durants, Terminus Cave. Traded Pokémon

What I would normally get for 5 single Durants:

   	169 (Durant base exp.) x 23 (level) x 1 (no lucky egg) x 1.5 (traded) x 1 (wild Pokemon) / 7 x 5 (no. of Pokemon)
   	169x23x1x1.5x1/7x5 = ~4165 exp.

What I received:

   	4160 exp. **No Bonus.**

Test 2: 4x Level 8 Zangoose + 1x Level 8 Seviper, Route 8. Traded Pokémon

What I would normally get for 4 single Zangoose + 1 Seviper:

   	160 (Zangoose/Seviper base exp.) x 8 (level) x 1 (no lucky egg) x 1.5 (traded) x 1 (wild Pokemon) / 7 x 5 (no. of Pokemon)
   	160x8x1x1.5x1/7x5 = ~1371 exp.

What I received:

   	1365 exp. **No Bonus.**

Test 3: 4x Level 8 Zangoose + 1x Level 8 Seviper, Route 8. My Own Pokémon

What I would normally get for 4 single Zangoose + 1 Seviper:

   	160 (Zangoose/Seviper base exp.) x 8 (level) x 1 (no lucky egg) x 1 (not traded) x 1 (wild Pokemon) / 7 x 5 (no. of Pokemon)
   	160x8x1x1x1/7x5 = ~915 exp.

What I received:

   	910 exp. **No Bonus.**

If anything, what this little experiment has uncovered is that Gamefreak's rounding system is a little odd, or they purposely decrease the amount of experience by approximately 5 points for some reason. Either way...

...no bonus experience.

List of pokémon base experience yields.
Experience gain formula

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I'll select this if you don't mind running the test again on another different Horde. I'd do it myself but math is not a strong suit. If the calculations prove themselves on another horde, then that's enough proof for me.

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Wow, thank you so much for all the testing (and math ugh) you put into this, definitely showed us a lot.

Once again thank you!
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I'm pretty sure the experience earned is the total amount of accumulated Exp multiplied by the amount of pokémon defeated by one attack.


Defeating 2 Pokémon with one attack:
100exp + 100exp = 200exp X 2 = 400exp

Defeating all Pokémon with one attack:
100exp + 100exp + 100exp +100exp +100exp = 500exp X 5 = 2500exp

I'm not entirely sure myself, but based on my own experience with horde battles, this seems to be the most accurate (and the only logical) formula.
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This is incorrect, see my answer :)
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Yes you do :O
I'm not sure how much though, but you even get a message saying that you get extra experience (well, its more like "You fainted all 5" and you get like a chunk of points)
Source: Experience.

Also I don't know the boost that it is, so don't BA me if someone puts in the percent increase.

Ok, I'll leave it for a while in case someone does know the percentage.