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I have trace gardevoir as my lead so I can be sure my scyther is techinician, but it traced technician in a horde battle! Which one can it be?

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Here is what Bulbapedia says :

In a Double Battle with only one opponent remaining, if a Pokémon with Trace is sent into battle to replace a fainted Pokémon, Trace has a 50% chance to select the non-present opponent and not activate.

That means if you're fighting 2 Pokémon, it has 50-50 change to copy either of them. So if you take it as horde encounter and let's suppose that you had 5 opponent Pokemon, we'll have to do a little math. 100/5 = 20%. Then we have to suppose that the 2nd syther from left is the one with technician. So there is a 20% chance that gardevoir copies it. Sadly, there is no way to find which syther actually has technician.
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Source : some maths

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During Horde Encounters, Trace will copy the ability of the Pokémon on the far left, moving across the row to the right if the initial Pokémon in that position has been knocked out.

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Trace_(Ability)

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This is NOT CORRECT. I just ran into a horde of Hoppip with a trace Kirlia as my lead Pokemon. It traced Infiltrator. After finding this answer, i knocked out the other Hoppip and caught the one on the far left. It did NOT have Infiltrator, unfortunately.