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I need to catch HA fletchling for a possible talonflame, but since you can't tell just by looking, is there an ability that can find out the Pokemon's ability in horde battles

I have a Fletchling with Gale Wings. I can trade you one if you want.

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The abilities Trace and Mummy, as well as moves like Entrainment, Worry Seed, Simple Beam, and Role Play will reveal an opponent's ability.

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the problem with Trace is you don't know which pokemon's ability you are copying.
You can also use the Simple ability. :)
If you are looking for a Fletchling with Gale Wings, it's also possible to try using a move on it that lowers its Defense, such as Leer. If it works, the Pokemon has Gale Wings. This is because Fletchling's normal ability is Big Pecks, which prevents Defense from being lowered.
...Did that make sense?
l'd follow Celestial Hurricane's advice, l always use tactics like that to look for Pokemon with specific abilities, for example when l was hunting for an Inkay with Suction Cups and not Contrary, l'd use a debuffing move and see if it was reversed, or when Catching Abra for Synchronize, l'd use a status move.
Although regardless of what you do, you won't be able to tell which Pokemon you're affective in a Horde battle unless you kill  them all off except one.