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So, Flapple’s signature move is Grav Apple, and Appletun’s is Apple Acid. I get why Flapple gets Grav Apple, but why does Appletun get Apple Acid? Flapple is the acidic one. Appletun is sweet. Was this a mistake?

a young (aka tart) apple is less acidic than a fully developed one

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The japanese name is a brilliant translation. It means Malic Acid, which is found in unripe fruits Such as apples. Source Now, this seems weird. As sumwun said, how is this thing more unripe? Well turns out, a lot of bakers like using slightly unripe apples so they can keep their shape, so the apples in apple pie have some malic acid. That means that some apple pies use raw (ish) apples, which means that they use them, and since appletun is based off of apple pie, it has malic acid.

I also googled what malic acid is lol.

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How is Appletun less ripe than Flapple, though?