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Someone sends out a zoroark/zoura that cloaks as say a walrein, then a ditto is sent out, if ditto transforms into that zoura/ zoroark, will it be a walrein or a zoura/zoroark?

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The move transform would just fail if used on a illusion. For imposter, it will just stay as a ditto when sent out.

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That could destroy a ditto... The whole no attacks but transform...
Yup, just let a zorua/Zoroark train against Dittos =D
Sorry to tell you but i just tried it and when ditto used transform it failed.
DT why did you made my answer a comment?
It will stay as a Ditto with Imposter. While a way of stopping Ditto, it also spots Zoroark.
It didn't add anything that rayquaza didn't already say. It just reaffirmed his thought when he said it might. I'm not the one who voted it down, but I still converted it.
Ok DT, but i tested it rayquaza said he isnt sure.
I wasn't sure about the Imposter because I can't test that.
It could be a zoroark spotter. Ditto's still bad.
Ditto is great, winning battles thanks to being such a great revenge killer. I mean, stealing a +4 attack and +1 Speed Gyarados can net you a win easily.
Ditto failed megaly today. >:D