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Me and my buddies all have Ultra Sun/Moon and one of them has a totem Salazzle which I didn’t even know you could get! And he won’t tell me how to get them so can I get some help? And is there a way to get a shiny one?

Pretty sure they're shiny locked
ah crud oh well

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Okay, I also learned about it, you get them by collecting Totem Stickers, collectibles similar to Zygarde Cells, that are scattered across the Alola Region. There are over a hundred stickers, and at certain amount points, Samson Oak will call you to meet him, when you do he will give you a Totem Sized Pokemon.

Number of Stickers for Reward.(US reward on the left, UM Reward on the right)

20 Stickers Gumshoos Raticate

40 Stickers Marowak Araquanid

50 Stickers Lurantis Salazzle

70 Stickers Vikavolt Togedemaru

80 Stickers Mimikyu Mimikyu

100 Stickers Ribombee Kommo-o

Also see this link for the Sticker Locations, it is also my Source


Also, here's all that's actually different between a Totem Pokemon and the regular version, They're BIGGER, they have bigger sprites, and a different height and weight, this effects the moves: Grass Knot, Low Kick, and Heavy Slam.

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Also, for convienience, we have the locations on this site as well, see link below:

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