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Since Leon catches a Pokémon at the beginning for a catching tutorial can his Pokémon that he’s catching be shiny?

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This is actually a good question I think most people skipped the catching tutorial and for the first time the starters were shiny locked so honestly I have no idea
I would assume not, since Game Freak has been going out of their way in recent games to shiny lock uncatchable Pokémon, such as “strong-looking” Pokémon in the wild area (which are too high-leveled for the player to catch until they get more badges). Even as far back as ORAS, they were already locking the first uncatchable Poochyena you face at the beginning.
I’ve never seen any source that confirms or denies the Pokémon in SwSh’s catching tutorial to be locked, though.

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The following Pokémon are prevented from being Shiny when encountered as wild Pokémon: the Galarian Slowpoke at Wedgehurst Station, Zacian, Zamazenta, and Eternatus. Additionally, the player's starter Pokémon from Leon, the gift Toxel from the Pokémon Nursery, the Type: Null at the Battle Tower, the Kubfu and gift Porygon from the Master Dojo, all of the gift Pokémon from the Diglett Trainer, and in-game gift Gigantamax Factor Pokémon cannot be Shiny.


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