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Me And my friend are about to do all STAB battles, and some of my pokemon are single types, so I might find my self using some items that power up one type of move, and I wanted to know which would be more affective, the common item used to power that type of move, or an Arceus plate? Eg. Miracle seed or Grass plate?

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They both boost your stats by 1.2% normal damage, even mabye Spash Plate and Mystic Water or Icicle Plate and NeverMeltIce. Both are worth as much as each other.

As said before, Gems are also a choice, raising the power by 50%, which would be excellent if it was a reusable item, but they are not, so...

Since the Plates are Simpler to find, all Located in Abyssal Ruins, I would try using the Plates.

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I would go for the grass plate if it was a grass type But miracle seed would help as well.

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I was asking what the differences in the boosts were? That was just an example, same applies for charcoal mystic water, etc. Against their type plates
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Miracle seed and grass plate both boost the same amount of power , which is boost 1.2x the normal damage

Ex. grass type move with 50 damage, powered up by seed/plate, become 50 x 1.2 = 60 base damage

And all of the type-booster item will always boost 20% more from the base damage or 1.2x the base damage, even with the incenses (type-booster only)

BUT with the gems you can find in dusts in any cave in pokemon black & white, you can get a 50% boost power!!! Well, as you know, gems can only used once, so if you use the gems, choose your move carefully...

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