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There are no hold items in Gen 1, and therefore obviously no Everstone. So is it possible to use B to stop, let's say, Haunter from evolving for example?


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Trade-induced evolution cannot be canceled unless the Pokémon holds an Everstone. In Generation IV onwards, however, the Everstone fails to prevent a traded Kadabra from evolving into Alakazam

Based on that fact, I would say no, you can't stop trade evolutions without everstone

Source: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Trade

No. I just dug out my Blue, Yellow, game link cable, and two GBAs.
I traded a Kadabra from Yellow to Blue, and pressed the B button a dozen times, but it did not stop Kadabra from evolving. The only way to trade Kadabra in Gen 1 without evolving it would be by storing it on Stadium in one game and removing it on the other game

In Gen 1, the only way to stop a Pokemon from evolving was by pressing B. However, evolution stones and trading trumped pressing the B button

In Gen 2, the Everstone apparently stops those Pokemon from evolving as well. Gen 3 had a weird bug with the Everstone, where trading still evolved the Pokemon, but deleted the held item in that specific case. In Gen 4 and later, it appears that trading and stones are not blocked by the Everstone

Someone actually tried it out. The source is in the link I mentioned in the comments

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That didn't answer my question. Thanks for trying. I'd like to know from someone who has tried before.

Well, I took the liberty of asking this and here you go. According to the guy, it can be stopped