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So part one is easy. Can I press B and stop the evolution of a Machoke into Machamp for example?

Part two is like this. Traded Pokemon that require hold items to evolve such as Seadra use up the hold item when they evolve. Well, if you can stop the evolution, what happens to the item of that Pokemon. Seadra is evolving, I press B to stop it from doing so, does the Dragon Scale stay or is it gone?

Good question i will try this now with my 2nd ds

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Actually, you cannot cancel evolution by trade at all.

I tested in Black 1 and White 2, trading an Electabuzz holding Electrizer with a Boldore. In both games I pressed B several times but it just wouldn't cancel the evolution. I got an Electivire and Gigalith - and obviously the Electrizer item disappeared.

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Pokemaster is right. It is just like evolving the pokemon with a stone. You cannot stop it and the item goes away