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I just got White, and I do not have an Action Replay, so I was wondering if you can change the Auto-Obtain DNS, to a server, and go to mystery gift, and receive a Wonder Card. I am specifically asking for a North American Liberty Ticket Wonder Card. I think I have seen people talking about this before on here, but it seems that they were talking about Pokesav.

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Not many people here know about cheats. We dont like hacking here. and what is Dns?
Well I saw a forum with a ton of info involving cheats, which aren't really cheats by the way.  The way this works (the version I know how to do) is you go into Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Settings, and scroll down to Auto Obtain DNS, and change it to "no" and input a IP address that you already know.  Then if that server is running, go into the GTS in-game, and as soon as you open it up, you will get the Pokemon that the server is currently distributing.  I was wondering if you can change the DNS and input the IP address, but instead of the GTS, go into Mystery Gift, and choose Nintendo Wi-Fi connection, to receive a wonder card.

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No, you cannot

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