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What moves in Double Battles will:

  • Attack both of your opponents
  • Attack all Pokemon except the user
  • Randomly attack a Pokemon

Please list these moves under seperate headings an such so I am able to distinguish what types of moves they are. Please also include status moves such as Growl.

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Attack both of your opponents:Acid, air cutter, blizzard, bubble, dark void, eruption, growl, heat wave, hyper voice, icy wind, leer, muddy water, powder snow, razor leaf, razor wind, rock slide, spikes, stealth rock, string shot, surf (depending on generation), sweet scent, swift, tail whip, toxic spikes, twister, heal block, water spout, snarl, glaciate, relic song, electroweb, struggle bug, incinerate, and rage powder.

Attack all Pokemon except the user:Surf (depending on generation), discharge, earthquake, explosion, lava plume, magnitude, self-destruct, teeter dance, bull doze, flame burst (the passive damage that comes after it hits pokemon adjacent to the target), sludge wave, synchronoise, and searing shot.

All pokemon: hail, haze, perish song, rain dance, sandstorm, sunny day, trick room, defog, water sport, mud sport, wonder room, and magic room.

Both of the user's pokemon:Light screen, lucky chant, reflect, safeguard, mist, tailwind, aromatherapy, heal bell, wide guard, ally switch, and quick guard.

Picks random target: Outrage, petal dance, thrash, and uproar according to bulbapedia.

Moves that hit multiple Pokémon have their power reduced to 75% of their normal base power unless all other Pokémon have fainted at that point.

I got most of this from places like Bulbapedia, so of course, there's a chance this isn't perfect.

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