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I know this sounds weird, but I have multiple copies of Gen 4. I think I have two Japanese Diamond, Two English Platinum, and one English Pearl. I noticed while playing my Japanese copy takes a significant less amount of time saving and scrolling through the menus than my English copies. The saving doesn’t take a billion years. Is there a reason?

I used to DREAD managing my boxes and then saving in Pearl and Platinum because of how long the saving took, but Japanese Diamond is like “hahaha zoom”

I’m 90% sure my Diamond games are authentic, as they were in rough condition with the original boxes, my Pearl is most certainly authentic, and one Platinum isn’t.

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possibly the text might be quicker? i know that most speedrunners use japanese versions of games as the text is quicker, so that might be why?
i currently can't find any sources about this at the moment, so i don't want to put this as an answer, but i do remember hearing about this at sometime.
Even though this happened a long time ago, I have some questions if you could answer them. When you were saving in both versions, were you "saving a lot of data" Infamously in Gen IV, when you complete an important event or literally just mess with your PC boxes, the save box will say "saving a lot of data" and take longer than usual. If you could load both of your copies, do the exact same thing in both copies, and tell me if the time still differs, I might be able to figure this out.
Yes, the messages are both saving a lot of data when this happens
ight, good to know, imma look into this
Can you show us a video?
Pretty sure English is longer than Japanese, so maybe it's just text
Plain text, regardless of whether it's English or Japanese, is very easy to store, so the real cause is almost certainly some other part of the save file. Please don't answer questions unless you have the correct answer.
Been a hot moment but I did test a few things super fast and one thing I noticed is that the Pokédex is super fast on the Japanese version, and the bag menu is faster on the Japanese version slightly while scrolling left and right. It’s the same when up and down.

The save times were the exact same, albeit I don’t know what save message I got for the Japanese version if it were the equivalent to the English one

The text seemed faster on the Japanese version to me; as if it was set to “fast” and the English copy was set to “normal”, but they were both set too fast. Not in video

I haven’t been able to test with battles yet.


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