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in America?

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see here for a list

if you see this list it has a list for all the events so far in japan and the us so i have the feeling it will just be a cubchoo

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I doubt it, as the Winter months will be soon upon us. But Cubchoo would be lame. I've already got a few.
In pokemon it is winter going to be winter soon. If they release cubchoo to anyone, it would make sense- is almost impossible to find during non winter months, that is the reason they did that event in japan. Most events done in japan end up in the us, but some haven't made their way yet...
Almost impossible? Please, it still has a 4% chance of being found, which is better than Cryogonal. I don't see why they did the event, it isn't the rarest Pokemon.
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PLease see here for the ongoing events and how to get them.

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