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What day of what year was it, was it December 19 a Tuesday in 1999? What was given out, Celebi,mew? Anything else about the first event?

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Okay! l did some digging around, and this is what l could find, to be the earliest Pokemon event!

lt was the "Legendary Pokémon Offer Mew" given away to Pokemon Red and Green versions, in Japan!
l don't know if that's the first (it seems like it!), but that is the earliest event l could find!

This promotion received over 78,000 applications, but only gave away 20 Mew.

                                         - [Bulbapedia][1]

The level of the Mew was unknown, and it came with a Bitter Berry, knowing only the move Pound.

(+) This event dated back to April 1998 during the distribution time.

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Whoa, thats pretty cool
Ok thanks!