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My Swellow does not seem to get along with my pokemon, he either does't seem to like them, or prefers to play with others. Can he still have an egg with ditto?

he can only have an egg with a pokemon that prefers to play with others or seems to get along i believe
Uhhh the first on is imposible. If they prefer to play with others THEY WILL NOT have an egg
ohh yes they will my infernape and ditto went crazy with eggs in SS while they perfered to play with others. maybe its different in gen 5
then why did you say its less likely?!?!
of course they will have. my shellos and buizel like hated each other in diamond and every once in awhile they had an egg!

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To add onto Ike, Lloyd Irving's answer, if they do not like each other, There is a only 19% chance of an egg appearing for every 256 steps.

Thanks for the help obn clarifying that.
Your welcome ;)
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Yes, But it is less likely.Every 200 something steps the game decides whether an egg is created.