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Pokemon Legends: Arceus has been confirmed to take place in the Hisui Region. This confuses me, as Pokemon has already officially confirmed the game to take place in the "ancient Sinnoh region." If this is the case, what is Hisui? Is it a Japanese word? What relation does it have to Sinnoh?

It might have not been called Sinnoh back when Legends: Arceus was set, and it could have been called the Hisui Region back then. Someone else might have become in charge and renamed it to Sinnoh or something. They probably called it the ancient Sinnoh region before because they didn't want to reveal the name of it yet.
Adding onto the other answers, it’s kind of like how counties and cities are renamed over the years. My city used to be called Port Arthur, now it’s Thunder Bay. Lots of places are like that. Pokémon may be a different world but surely culture and language developed over centuries, which is probably why the change.

I’d like to think the games will explain why they changed the name. War is cannon in Pokémon universe, so it’s possible something like that happened there, too.

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The Hisui region is just the older name of the Sinnoh region. Spooky is right.

The blurb for the game on the Official Pokemon Website confirms this:

"Adventure through the Sinnoh region of the past--before it was even called Sinnoh. Many years ago, the land was called the Hisui region, and that is the setting of Pokemon Legends: Arceus..."


Hope this answers your question!

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In time, this land of Hisui will come to be called Sinnoh—a region you may know well.

According to the official website, Hisui was what Sinnoh was called long ago.