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I can name some: Bianca, Cheren, Hugh....Who else? I think I recall seeing someone riding the ferris wheel with N in BW2 but I'm not sure if that is true.


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Trainers depend on season and the player’s gender, being battled with one level 24 Pokémon.
Lass Persephone (Liepard): Spring, male
Dancer Dirk (Darumaka): Spring, female
Nursery Aide June (Swadloon): Summer, male
Clerk ♂ Augustin (Tranquill): Summer, female
Clerk ♀ Trisha (Mincinno): Autumn, male
Hiker Andy (Boldore): Autumn, female
Beauty December (Flaaffy): Winter, male
Guitarist January (Whirlipede): Winter, female

After entering the Hall of Fame, special non-battleable trainers will appear on certain days of the week:
Hugh on Tuesdays
Bianca on Wednesdays
N on Fridays
Cheren on Saturdays

Sauce: Bulbapedia

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To get the Ferris Wheel medal, you have to ride with a total of nine people: four for the seasons, four for the days of the week, plus either Curtis or Yancy from the Lost Item quest. Once you've called them enough times on the Xtransceiver, you have to wait one more day and from then on, the first time you call them each day will involve a request to join them at the wheel and ride it (again without a battle, but you'll get an opportunity to trade for a series of Hidden Ability Pokemon one at a time).