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Okay, last night I was retrying to radar-chain Sneasel because I've spent a whole 4 days without getting a single shiny of that devious weasel. It's always the Snovers and Gravelers breaking my chain.

After a few failures last night because of Snovers, I retried about the seventh time and the chain peaked at 7. On the 8th re-scan after a few radar resets, There wasn't any sparkly grass yet so I walked to the grass farthest to me - It's a little around the edge of the grass area - since Smogon stated that the farthest grass to you is the one that has the highest chance of continuing the chain. The grass I walked to was not sparkling. The encounter showed up....

And it was a Shiny Sneasel. Is this guy full-odds or is he boosted by Radar-chains?

Hard to say. You did have a chain which boosts odds, but at the same time you also didn’t have a forced shiny patch. It’s really hard to say… congrats though!
forgot to say it. congrats!
Thanks, both of you! (filler)
Congrats! Kuroyupii For The Shiny Sneasel.

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It is always possible for non-flashing patches to contain a Shiny Pokémon as well due to the normal, completely random chance of a Pokémon being Shiny.

so the the shiny sneasel that you get is a full odds shiny, as the source say

here is the Source

Hope I helped!

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i believe that is full odds, but i still cannot get what it means. but i believe it is full odds:)
yay now i understand what its mean! (90%)
It means that the Pokemon in the shaking patch of grass was not made shiny by the PokeRadar, it was a completely random event.
@GmaxWaluigi thanks for making it clear! now i could edit it:D
Thanks!  You really did help

Heh, I guess I'm one lucky hunter
and im not a lucky hunter, thats why im a nuzlocker rather than shiny hunter. and again, congrats on the shiny!