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I decided to do a water mono type nuzlocke where my only good counter to Watson is Marshtomp. Also this is a hardcore nuzlocke so no over levelling. So my problem appears only in Watson. Will my Marshtomp be able to solo him? Because they can still hit me and if I don't do enough damage it will faint and the run is over.

Move set:

  • Water gun
  • Rock Tomb
  • Mud Slap
  • Mud Shot

Nature: bashful

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No. Marshtomp cannot. The reason being, according to this Voltorb knoes self destruct. It goes boom, Marshtomp dead and it always outspeeds. In fact, Voltorb has double the speed of Marshtomp. For the other three, the only things they can really hit you with is quick attack and sonicboom, neither of which should be able to kill you unless the ai gets like, five crits in a row

Here is a cheesy strat you might want to try. Lead with Marshtomp and bring along any Pokemon, even non water types. Its role is simply to be the sacrificial lamb. If Wattson leads off with Voltorb, switch Marshtomp out to your sacrificial lamb. Voltorb can only touch Marshtomp with self destruct so let the lamb absorb the boom. After that, Marshtomp just cleans up. If he doesn't lead with Voltorb, then keep killing whatever he sends in and switch out against Voltorb

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Self-Destruct comes from Voltorb base 30 Attack so it doesn't OHKO Marshtomp instead it is a 2HKO.
If it is still a two shot kill then it might crit which would kill Tomp. Even if it doesn't Marshtomp would be left vulnerable to the quick attacks and if those crit, Marhstomp could die. Staying in against the boom would just be an unnecessary risk