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I soft resetted until Mr. Backlot said that there are Eevees on his garden, so that I can chain for shiny Eevees. Finally got it after tens of resets and I went on to the backyard.

I know that they only have 5% chance to be encountered, so I patiently went through a mass of soft-resetting until I encounter Eevee. On my 4th reset, I walked to a vigorously shaking grass and...encountered Plusle? I was a little confused but I kept resetting. Plusle appearing kept going for 3 resets in a row so I got a little suspicious towards Backlot and talked to him.

No lies have ever left these lips! I swear there are cute EEVEE in my Trophy Garden!

Or at least that's what he said. Why did Plusle show up instead though? Isn't Plusle supposed to show up only if its the daily Pokemon?


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The counter is not reset at midnight, but after 24 hours. It is possible to have Backlot mention a different Pokémon, simply by soft-resetting. The last two Pokémon placed in the garden at any given time will remain available until more Pokémon are placed in the garden.

So, both the daily Pokemon and the last two Pokemon that were added to the garden will be in it, so the Pokemon you got before Eevee that was put in the garden was probably Plusle, and something else.


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