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These belonged to my very first ever card set that my dad gave me. Given by the dates in the cards, I was three when I got them. The two promo cards were a Plusle and Minun (they got destroyed on the school bus when I brought them to kindergarten). It’s sounds dumb but these cards are really nostalgic to me but I don’t really know where I can find them. I just want to see my first cards again ;;

These are the only ones I have left from the set, for reference. They have either a red plusle or blue minun in the corner


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The EX Trainer Kit 2 is a special Half Deck Trainer Kit for the Pokémon Trading Card Game and features the Pokémon Plusle and Minun. It was released in English and European languages only.

The remaining cards are all in the deck list written in the Bulbapedia article, so it's proven that these cards belong to the EX Trainer Kit 2 set.

Hope this helps!

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