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Sooooooooooooo once again I find myself questioning shiny stuff...

Zacian Zacian Zamazenta Zamazenta

I saw shiny Zacian-C in NDAG, checked teambuilder, and it turns out the blue doggo (both forms) are legal. Same goes for Zamazenta too... I'm not sure if there needs to be specific moves, but so far Eternasus and Calyrex can't be shiny........ Was/Is there an event for the shiny doggos/legends, am I bein stoopid, or is this a Showdown thing (and is there a reason if it's just Showdown?)

If it matters I got BBlade on sword doggo, crunch on blue hero, and close combat on the others. Both Heros have no items.

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A new promotion is now live, with The Pokémon Company partnering with game stores around the world to offer players a chance to finally collect Shiny Zacian and Shiny Zamazenta in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

There is an event about the shiny doggos. You can read about them here

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Thanks kind person.
Correction: They're not Legendary Dogs (they would be Entei, Raikou, and Suicune), they are Legendary Wolves.
1, they're doggos, not dogs.
2, if Raikou is a dog then somebody's school Frillish-ed up on what a dog is XD
Btw, you can register on this site to be emailed a code every Monday. Even though it is a UK company, it still works if you are in other nations.https://www.game.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/mHubArticleView?hubId=2837253&articleId=2837253&catalogId=10201&langId=44&storeId=10151&utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=Organic
Dogs are dogs and that's a fact. Wolves are just ancestors of dogs so it still stands
@Waluigi is there an expiration date if I sign up on that site you linked?
No. They'll send one every Monday until the event is over. Considering tomorrow is Monday I would sign up sooner than later
Oh it only lasts until november eleven if I'm not blind. Nah I'm not gonna get my switch til by then