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So Iron Head seems to be the new trend for Dusk Mane in Ubers. While I haven't played Gen 8 Ag in a while, I want to know if it's the same case there. Is there a specific reason it's being used (PP > Power?) and what's the better move for it?

Why do you think more people are using iron head in Ubers? The usage stats still say sunsteel strike has 66% more usage than iron head.
I've seen people using it so I want to know what's better.
People using it where? Low ladder?
I don't remember the exact Elo of the opponents, but I know they weren't bad or noobs.
@Z @sumwun Iron Head is not that common but *is* pretty common in Gen 8 Ubers, mainly because of the higher PP. Ladder isn't totally a true representation of the metagame always, anyways. But in Gen 8 AG, you need the guarenteed 2HKO on Zacian-C, even after a CC, so you'll be going with Sunsteel Strike usually. Almost every team now incorporates an Eternatus answer, so the extra PP isn't always too important.

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Sunsteel Strike is almost always superior to Iron Head on all offensive sets of Dusk Mane (Which include Dragon Dance Life Orb and Weakness Policy). This is due to the 20 BP difference that hits important benchmarks like OHKOing Xerneas and having a 56.3% Chance to KO Xerneas with some Defensive EVs, specifically the 168 EVs on Ubers sets. In AG, Offensive DM has a guaranteed 2HKO on Zacian-Crowned with no boosts unlike a 3HKO for Iron Head. So, for Offensive sets, the base power difference hits important benchmarks for KOs, that Iron Head lacks. This is also the same for Defensive sets, Sunsteel Strike hits those benchmarks that Iron Head lacks, specifically for Xerneas and Zacian-C, which are the most notable examples.

However, there is one instance where Iron Head is superior to Sunsteel Strike. This instance is when Dusk Mane is running Thunder Wave. Thunder Wave + Iron Head lets DM ParaFlinch foes like Yveltal, Eternatus and others. This is the only instance that Iron Head is better, so unless you are using Thunder Wave, Sunsteel Strike should always be your Steel STAB.

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Ah I see. Thanks.