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I’m currently in Eterna Forrest and I want to know if there’s any chain methods but yeah please list all the methods

I think its the pokeradar, hideaway, and masuda method. I dont know anything else though :/

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- grand underground diglett bonus
- pokeradar chain
- masuda method
- soft reset


  • grand underground diglett bonus

A new feature implemented into the Grand Underground is the Diglett feature. Throughout the Underground, you will see various Diglett and Dugtrio at junctions and corners. They will retreat before you can get to them but will leave some energy; 1 Point for Diglett and 3 points for Dugtrio.
If you collect 40 points in one session, then you will get a small bonus. For 4 minutes, you will have a slightly increased chance of encountering a Shiny Pokémon in the Underground, 1 in 2048 compared to 1 in 4096.

  • pokeradar chain

One of the first shiny hunting methods makes a return in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. After you receive the National
Pokédex, you will get the Poké Radar. This item lets you search out
for various Pokémon and create a chain of encounters.
This is done by knocking out a Pokémon and moving to the next shaking spot to battle another of the same species. If you get a wild encounter before then or the Pokémon is different, then the chain breaks. The higher your chain, the better the shiny odds.
The Poké Radar isn't affected by the Shiny Charm, but the odds for Shiny with it go down to a very good 1 in 99 chance for each patch of grass. When a Shiny Pokémon is in a patch of grass, it will sparkle.

  • masuda method

The Masuda Method, named after long-time Pokémon franchise composer, director, and producer Junichi Masuda, utilizes two Pokémon from different geographical real-world versions of the game to increase the Shiny odds from Eggs obtained via breeding.
Essentially, having a Pokémon from your region placed in the Daycare with a compatible breeding partner from another region of the world that you obtained via trade will result in a five times multiplayer bring applied to the resulting Egg’s Shiny odds, bringing the total odds to 1/683.
The most sought-after Pokémon for use in this method is a Japanese Ditto because it applies to basically every region in the world and can breed with any compatible Pokémon—but any Pokémon not from your game’s region will work.

  • soft reset

For Pokémon that are listed in the game as static, or stationary encounters that never change and are set in the game’s code, you can easily Shiny hunt by soft resetting your game every time you obtain the Pokémon or enter the encounter.
As a basic example, the starter Pokémon in BDSP are not Shiny locked, which means you have a chance of starting your Sinnoh adventure with a Shiny Turtwig, Chimchar, or Piplup if you get lucky. And even if you aren’t lucky, you can save right before you select your starter, send it out in the battle against your rival, and then reset to try again until you end up with a Shiny—though it will always be full odds since you have no way to modify a reset like that.
The same applies to most Legendary, Mythical, and other static Pokémon available in the game, though a few like Mew, Jirachi, and Manaphy are all Shiny locked via their current obtainable methods. Thankfully, resetting for most static encounters is faster than starters because you won’t have to go through a lot of text and can reset as soon as you enter the battle if the Pokémon isn’t Shiny.

i only found those, if you find other pls tell me.


hope I helped!

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Could you explain them a bit more in detail please?
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I can't find any source that matches what DotEsports says about "general chaining" in BD/SP. All reputable sources make no mention of it. They have probably assumed the dex count mechanic from Sw/Sh carries over, and taken these numbers from Serebii https://serebii.net/swordshield/shinypokemon.shtml.
I'm also sceptical of the generalisations it makes about "static encounters". For now, I would stick to what Serebii says because he sources his info from dataminers and the actual game.
Can you explain it again? Im pretty confused :/
Or should i use the one that serebii says? If so im gonna edit it.
Also i have seen some youtubers say soft reset for legends and starter is not shiny lock (except the mew and jirachi)
tl;dr take off the section about "general chaining" because it's probably inaccurate.
Alright then, im gonna remove the "general chaining" after school :)