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I was wondering since they all are in Ultra Space, and sometimes for later games in the same region(BW2, E, etc.) you can get post-game legendaries, pre-elite four.


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The first encounter with an Ultra Beast is with Nihilego in the Aether Foundation, but you can't catch it. The first UB you get is Poipole, given to you by the Ultra Recon Squad after you defeated Ultra Necrozma. Poipole (and by extension, Naganadel) is the only Ultra Beast you can obtain before defeating the Elite Four.

After the Elite Four, postgame opportunities are unlocked. You can team up with Ultra Recon Squad to take on Stakataka and Blacephalon, and the Ultra Space allows you to get the rest of the Ultra Beasts (minus the version exclusive ones).

The only way to get any Ultra Beast other than Poipole/Naganadel before the Elite Four is via trading.


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Thanks, so I can only get Poipole pre-E4, and what do you mean no version exclusives, you mean for my UM, I wouldn't be able to get Celesteela and Pheramosa?
Celesteela, Pheromosa, and Stakataka are exclusive to UM, while Kartana, Buzzwole, and Blacephalon are exclusive to US