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I transfered all my UNHACKED pokemon from pokemon heartgold and left the Hacked ones just lieing in my box.....
Ive seen like 400 or soo pokemon...

I wanna restart Game but i wanna know if its stupid to lose ALL THIS PROGRESS.

Is it worth it?


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Well it would get rid of the messing up your game threat from the hacking. You would be able to recatch the legends and get the prefered nature. You could get a starter with a better nature.

Yes, what he said is totally true. That is the real plus to restarting a game (if you are willing).
l suggest  you only start a new game if you don't care about that game (e.g. l don't really care for my Fire Red so l will start a new game continuously to enjoy the adventure again and again and get infinite Zapdos!)
 And like l mentioned, starting a new game means you get to enjoy the journey to the Pokemon League again, but than again, only do it if you are willing to.
Just transfer all the stuff you care about on that game than start a new game!