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I want to check how many EV’s I’ve given my Leafeon. I don’t want to battle anything else until he’s fully trained, so it’ll be nice to know when I can stop (if possible)


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Check EVs of a Pokemon by going to their Stats on their Summary page and pressing the X button. Note that it won't give you the exact EVs, but it will show you how far each stat is to being maxed out.


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Vitamins, Friendship-raising Berries, and wings all change a Pokémon's EVs until a limit is reached. They raise a stat by 10 EVs until it reaches 100, lower a stat by 10 EVs until it reaches 0, and raise a stat by 1 EV until it reaches 252 (255 prior to Generation VI), respectively. The amount of items that a Pokémon can consume is proportional to the number of EVs it has in its respective stat. For example, a Pokémon that can eat two Pomeg Berries before its HP stops decreasing has between 11 and 20 EVs in HP.


Why would I want to decrease my stats if I’m EV training? Like, how is any of this relevant? Gmax gave me my answer; it shows me on the status screen
You're supposed to soft-reset after counting the items. This method is more precise than Maximum's method.