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In a PLA update, mentioning the Diamond And Pearl Clans, the Diamond Clan leader mentions Sinnoh, saying something like “Almighty Sinnoh”. Why might that be if they are from the Hisui region? Why does the name ‘Sinnoh’ exist?

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It’s much too early to give an answer to this question, which is why I’m entering this as a comment.

My guess is that “Sinnoh” is an ancient deity that the region was later named after - indeed, in the newest PLA trailer, Irida (the leader of the Pearl clan) says “almighty Sinnoh forgive me” after getting in an argument with Adaman (the leader of the Diamond clan).
@Sand, Adaman says this while speaking with Irida in the trailer. Also, many vids I've seen reviewing this trailer speculate that "Almighty Sinnoh" may refer to Arceus, the "Creator" of the region.
@Nought I was thinking the same

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"Almighty Sinnoh" is the name they give to their god. There are two clans in Legends: Arceus, Diamond Clan and Pearl Clan. The both worship an "Almighty Sinnoh" but they disagree on what it is. Diamond Clan believes it to be a ruler of time (Dialga), while Pearl Clan believe it to be a ruler of space (Palkia).

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