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Hello everyone. So, I got Omega Ruby for Christmas and I decided to wonderlocke Omega Ruby since I've already played Alpha Sapphire and I know they're relatively easy games to play. But on my first two trades of my wonderlocke I received a Level 1 Ralts and a Level 1 Mawile. I know they could both be very valuable to my future team but I'm not sure whether I should keep Ralts, Mawile, or even use both on my team. Any help would be much appreciated!

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It is best to keep Ralts on your team since Gardevoir and Gallade are definitely better than Mawile. Mawile has bad stats, leading it’s base power to 380, whereas Gardevoir/Gallade have base stats of 518. This makes Ralts a superior option. Mawile will only be useful in the first few Gyms, by then you should be lucky enough to get a stronger Pokémon.

My conclusion is keep Ralts on your team and keep Mawile for the first two gyms. It would be better to evolve Ralts into Gardevoir in my opinion but that’s up to you.
Hope I helped.

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Thanks!  Will do!
Mawile isin't completlely useless thanks to the Mawilite being a thing in ORAS. You can get it in Verdanturf
Why Mega Evolve Mawile when you can Mega Evolve Gardevoir and Gallade
Mega Mawile is way better than Mega Gardevoir/Gallade most of the time. Huge Power literally gives it the highest attack stat in the game and it's typing is way better. Mega Mawile has 9 resistance (one of them being 4x), 2 immunities and only 2 weakness. Meanwhile Mega Gardevoir has 2 resistance (one of them being 4x), 1 immunity and 3 weakness and Mega Gallade has 2 resistance, 3 weakness, and no immunity.
Plus you can't get Gallade till you get to the victory road