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pokemondb.net & serebii says she's in the northern Extention of the safari zone... but how am I supposed to get there? :0

please forgive me if this is a silly/stupid question

if I find out before anyone answers, please disregard this :>

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Did you beat the Pokemon league?
@○Celestial Shadows●

yeah, i just found that out, that i have to beat the league first <.>  that stinks... i wanted teddiursa before then...

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You need to beat the Pokemon League and get the National Dex.

In Emerald, after the player obtains the National Pokédex, two new areas will open up to the east, featuring many Johto Pokémon not found in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire or Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen.

Teddiursa is in area 6. You need to go East from are area 1 to get to area 5, then you got North from area 5 to get to area 6.

Hope this helped and good luck.

Source: Experience and Safari Zone page.

guards are blocking the east at the moment...

so i think i'll choose a different pokemon to catch :>

still stinks that  i can't catch her now...
teddiursa's so cute ^^
i choose electrike instead :> i can't wait till after the elite 4 :<

 i want a electric puppy ^.^

edit at 11:12 pm: i got a adamant natured electrike...