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I'm rewatching FSG's 'How Good was Arceus' video and it got me thinking, in gen four, it was only available at level one hundred so it can't max out its evs but in gen five, that restriction was no longer there. So, what is the method of acquisition for Arceus in the gen five games and what level is it caught, or given for that matter?


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Arceus has been distributed through events in the Gen V games and like all Pokemon from Gen IV can be transferred to the Gen V games through the Poke Transfer. All event Arceus are also only given at Level 100 as part of "Vote to Befriend a Pokémon" and "Pokémon Popularity Quiz" events. According to Serebii:

This Pokémon is transferred from the Global Link during the event but needs to be captured in Entree Forest at any time afterwards

Sources: Serebii's list of Arceus events and Bulbapedia on Poke Transfer

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Wait, so does that mean that how evs are gained were reworked in gen five?
"Pokémon can now gain effort values from battling even at Level 100, and stats are recalculated at the end of every battle instead of only after leveling up, much like Deoxys in the Generation III games."

I see. Thanks