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To clarify, does HP EV investments effect on the percentage of damage taken?


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No, it only affects how much Hp you have.

Example though, if you have a base of 100 hp and your opponent does 49 each turn, but you could Ev train to make it 150.

Then technically, it does give you more bulk.

But commonly, people EV train in Hp for things like Leftovers to heal more, or to be able to make tougher Substitutes.

You didn't answer my question - does it effect the Percent of damage?

For example:

I have 100 HP, the foe is damging me and doing 49%=49 HP loss.

if I EV train and have the same defenses yet 200 HP, will it still do 49%=98 damage?
No, it will do 24.5% 49 damage to your new 200 hp.