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What format are you asking about?
Possibly so that it could survive more hits so that Defeatist wouldn't activate as fast? Though Speed seems more useful to me...
NFE team challenge in National Dex.
Also what item and moves did you put on the Archen? I'm pretty sure the recommended spreads are based on the moves.
Yep. I once used a Leftovers Leech Seed, Substitute, Nasty Plot and Astral Barrage set for which it showed fast support and EVs 252 HP 252 Spe since 3/4 moves and item are for status.
It is bruh. It showed 252 HP because the Pokemon had 3/4 of status move in my case, so it is likely in this case too.

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Also what item and moves did you put on the Archen? I'm pretty sure the recommended spreads are based on the moves.
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What sumwun tells is true. I tested it on the teambuilder, and it worked this way:


  • It suggested "252 HP/ 4 Atk/ 252 SpD" EV spread because 3/4 of those moves are status conditions. When the majority of the moves are defensive or status, it recommends Max HP and Max Def or Sp.Def set. As such, what sumwun told is correct.

I tested it again using an offensive set. Then, it showed:

  • As we can clearly see, it showed a 252 Atk/ 4 SpD/ 252 Spe suggested EV spread. In this case, all the 4 moves are offensive or attacking move along with an Life Orb, which probably caused the teambuilder to think that it is a Fast Physical sweeper unlike in the former case, where it took as a special wall.

Thus, we may conclude that Smogon recommended 252 HP EVs instead of Spe EVs, due to your set and item most likely defensive instead of offensive.

Hope this helps!

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this is correct for sure
This is because I put Roost on my Archen, that's why Smogon is recommending 252 HP EVs?
Yep. Can you tell the rest of moves and item?
Rock Slide
No item.
Okay, that makes sense. The teambuilder took it as an Bulky Physical sweeper instead of a fast physical sweeper because of Roost. Fast sweepers tend to go all attack, while Roost is chosen on fat (or bulky) Pokemon. This is why it recommended 252 HP. Also regardless, the teambuilder's EV spreads aren't good always- you had wanted to go for the EV spread told in analysis or use your own. Hope this helps.
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This is the most likely option. I looked at Archens stats, and it has amazing attack for a pre-evolved form. But it is very, very frail. So you need to have it sweep as much as it can before getting knocked out. And it’s speed is exceptional for a pre-evolved form as well, so I bet that he put the EVs into HP to make it less frail, because it already has ok speed. However, in my opinion, those EVs should be devoted to speed, or at least split up between the 2.

Hope I helped!