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Snorlax's Gen 8 RU Choice Bander set
Incineroar's Gen 7 Doubles set (which has a SASSY nature)
Every single PU set for Trevenant so far
Most non-scarf Tyranitar sets
All of Eelektross's Gen 5 NU sets
Reuniclus's Gen 7 OU CMRecover + 2 Attacks set

One would be better off investing bulk into these Pokemon. Investing EVs just to outspeed 1 particular Pokemon is pretty much wasting EVs.

I doubt that, all smogon sets are checked and reviewed by other, and plus what does it have to do with coding lol
I'd say likely to outspeed other tanks of the same species, or to outspeed certain pokemon, like investing Crawdaunt in speed to outspeed non invested magnazone
If you have a problem with their sets, you should make your own. I personally don't even use smogon sets. :P
Most Smogon movesets need at least 2 quality control checks before getting published. You can read more about the process here: https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/welcome-to-contributions-corrections-read-before-posting.3656646/

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Your going to think I'm very dumb but hear me out.

Well, the only reason to have speed is to outspeed other Pokemon. That's obvious. So if you have a slow Pokemon and want to outspeed other Pokemon, the only ways to do that are speed enhancing nature's and speed EVs. Usually you would want 252 Atk/Sp.Atk EVs and then 252 Speed EVs.

Like SleepyDreepy said, it could also be to outspeed other versions of the same species, which could be very helpful if that Pokemon is popular, like Tyranitar.

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