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In Mossdeep City, of Pokemon Emerald there is a lady standing next to a white rock in front of the space station.

If you speak to her, she'll say exactly:
"This rock has a special meaning at the Space Center. They put it here as their wish for their rockets to fly safely. When you make a wish, what do you use? Do you wish upon a star? I use a wish tag to make it happen. That's what I do."
The description of the white rock is exactly:
"It's a white rock."

Is the Wish Tag actually obtainable or is she just saying it, and what is the significance of the white rock?
Do they do anything?
Thanks in advance! ~

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The wish tag is unobtainable in Emerald. There are rumors that wish tags are used to launch the rocket into space in Mossdeep City to catch a Jirachi.

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There is no such item as a Wish Tag, despite any rumors to the contrary. As for the white rock, there is no significance to it.

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