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I don't see a section for that on the site yet, so yeah.

I want the Alpha Magikarp. My brother said he caught one and I want it, lol.

So, can I please have a complete list of all alpha Pokemon and their locations, please?

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I don’t have the full answer because I just started playing yesterday but I know some. You can find alpha parasect in a little spot under the deartrack alpha bibarel can be found in the little path to the grand tree arena alpha kritatot can be found in the beach area of deartrack
Also alpha snorlax is at the far right of the obsidian fields cross the water there.
Most importantly alpha magikarp is in the lake next to Oreburrow tunnel.
Hope it helps!
And I’m pretty sure magikarp is one of those alphas that can only be alpha based on RNG.
I found https://www.nintendolife.com/guides/pokemon-legends-arceus-alpha-pokemon-locations-every-alpha-pokemon to be a helpful visual.  You can also just Google 'alpha locations legends arceus' and a couple different articles pop up that are similar.
According to Excadrill's source, there is a guaranteed Alpha Magikarp in the Obsidian Fieldlands.
For Alpha Magikarp, you need to make for the Worn Bridge, and continue up the river on Basculegion towards the North of the map. I have caught 2 Alpha 'Karps this way.
The other Alpha Pokémon are scattered randomly around Hisui, and are not always guaranteed to spawn. The game randomizes a lot of the Alphas' chances of appearing. You can also get Alphas in Space Time Distortions.
Hope this was helpful!

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There is a Alpha Magikarp near Oreburrow Tunnel, which is a fixed alpha Pokemon.

Source. If you want to find other Alpha Pokemon, you can click the Static Alpha checkbox, then it shows you all the static Alphas. Also, technically source 2