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Don't say Primal Groudon

Just because there's an Alpha Pokemon, doesn't mean there's going to be an Omega Pokemon.
Maybe they'll reveal one.
You're saying there's an end? Don't be pessimistic.

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Since there isn't any Pokémon labeled as the "Omega" Pokémon I have a theory.

Arceus is the creator of all Pokémon and is meant to represent God or some sort of religious figure. The word "Alpha" refers to the "beginning", while "Omega" refers to the "end". If we treat Pokémon as a creation of God (Arceus), there must be a counterpart. This counterpart is the Devil, which is widely accepted as Giratina.

Now, let's assume Pokémon die and go into the afterlife (which they do as seen in the battle between you and the ghost of Marowak). Since Giratina is seen as the devil, this could be a Pokémon's end. Therefore, Giratina could be unofficially referred to as the "Omega Pokémon".

Good theory :D
So if I worship Arceus will it consider me a Christian?
why would you worship a pokemon, lol o-o
Your theory is nonsensical.
1) all things come to an end. The fact that's the case doesn't imply some kind of evil "devil".
2) No, Giratina is not widely accepted to be a "devil". In fact, it's a part of the creation trio that Arceus oversees, along with Dialga and Palkia. Overseeing Giratina directly implies that it's not Arceus' equal and opposite. While it was supposedly banished to the reverse world for being violent, nothing is ever implied that it want's to destroy or end the world (universe). In fact, it's been shown in the anime to be very gentle when it wants to be.
3) We've seen the reverse world. It is NOT the "afterlife". It's a different dimension that mirrors the Pokemon world. Not to mention the fact when we saw the reverse world in the anime - Giratina was alone there. No ghosts, no spirits, no nothing.

So no, Giratina could not unofficially referred to as the Omega. There is absolutely no basis for your theory. Theories are supposed be developed based on facts and evidence. Not just making things up as you go with no evidence supporting it.
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There isn't one. Or if there is, it hasn't been introduced. None of the currently known Pokemon fit the needed qualifiers to be the "Omega", to be Arceus' opposite and equal. Your question, unfortunately, doesn't HAVE an answer.

It has an answer, doesn't matter if it's a bad one or a good one.