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Self Explanatory. I saw so many rules banning him, but I have no idea what he is.

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Thats what I thought
7 Upvotes for a question with a Self-Explanatory answer. Nice. I should ask "What's Choiced Rotom"? and call it the day.
Well, as much as I agree he didnt know what Extremekiller was and it's not his fault that it has 7 upvotes.
Keyword: Self-Explanatory. "Extreme" is related to "Extremespeed", and anyone who wants things to "kill" will boost the move with either a Choice Band, Life Orb, or Swords Dance, and Swords Dance the most preferred as it doesn't lock you into a move or tax 10% if your health. A simple critical thought.
First, it's not obvious, I really DIDDNT know. Also dang it, devils advocate retagged me.

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A Normal Arceus with Swords Dance and STAB ExtremeSpeed.

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Just to add, holding either Life Orb or Silk Scarf.
Silk Scarf preferably, as Life Orb could potentially end your sweep short
Btw I just tested him and he rocks.
oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!
I see Normalium Z sometimes on EKiller sets

Also, other types can run the EKiller archetype of Swords Dance + Extremespeed but they're much less common