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For such a simple question it would seem that the answer is more complex than I had first thought. I'm currently in the middle of a write up of competiviely viable builds for each and every fully evolved Pokemon (mostly for living Pokedex, but old one is out of date since Black[2]/White[2]), and I am at Arceus right now.

The issue is however that I would like to make a build for each Multitype variant, much like Rotom but the thing is Rotom is breedable, thus I can write as many builds for it as I wish. However Arceus is obviously rare and difficult to obtain (legitimately), so it would make more sense to strive for having just one Arceus, but be able to perform to the best of its ability in any Multitype, and or role on a team given its Nature.

I'm no slouch when it comes to team building, but given the current situation I'm wondering if anyone has already done the mental breakdown, because everywhere I look online I think I've seen every single Nature posted as being the best/most useful, and Arceus is just so versatile (too much in this case) that I'm spending more time than I'd like finishing Generation 4 of the list.

I know even given a not so ideal Nature Arceus would perform wonderfully in any role, but I am looking for the most optimal option.

Sorry if this is too overwhelming of a question, long time lurker, first time poster.

are you looking for a support, offensive, or defensive arceus? Natures and evs will vary for each
Well, I think Arceus typically excels the most offensively (besides excelling as a diverse surprise factor Pokemon).  The problem is there are some that I would not want to be hindered too much, such as Ghost and Water variants.  
So far the only thing I can think of is a negative in defense or special defense, and positive in speed.  Perhaps I will simply dedicate to one and just have the others which are not going to be usable on file.
So, basically you're asking for is a nature for Arceus that is good regardless of what type it uses? That might be difficult to answer, considering all the different roles that different variants of Arceus can fulfil. What might be good on a defensive Arceus like Rock, might not be good on an offensive one like Normal.
Well it wouldn't have to be overtly "good" no matter what build I decided on, but the least negative, and most beneficial average among all the variants.  I'm beginning to think this may be unanswerable, as it could be seen as preference, because by deduction the only Natures that are the most logical would be Hasty or Naive, or any of the neutral choices, which aren't something I'd want to do.  
I'm starting to lean towards focusing on a specific role, and just missing out on optimal efficiency for other roles.
If in doubt, try hardy. Of course, hardy nature hardly ever works for specific roles. No pun intended.

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For a fast sweeper use Timid/Jolly. For a bulky sweeper use Adamant/Modest. For a wall use Bold/Impish.

A single Arceus, just one, not six.  I've since moved past it in the write up but this question is asking about the single most well rounded Nature.
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Answering 4 years later. It just kinda hurts to know nobody knows the answer to this simple question.

The answer is...
Modest. For its signature move, you need a modest nature to use it best. You would only use its signature move while changing its type so any type Arceus can use its signature move to an advantage hence it should all know its signature move and all be modest. (Unless you savage af and wanna use an ExtremeKiller Arceus then go ahead).