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I don't have any solid proof, that's why this is just  a comment, but I would think that normal arceus is the most used since it gets item  freedom. But any other Arceus can have it's own advantages.
I found that the fairy arceus type was used the most. I assume this is because of its great type advantages and because of arceus's natural bulkiness and power could be a judgement sweeper or a calm mind recover staller or sweeper. And since fairy's only weaknesses are poison and steel, arceus can counter them with focus blast and psychic or E-quake.

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The most used arceus forms on ubers in showdown last month in order were:

  1. Normal
  2. Ghost
  3. Fairy
  4. Steel
  5. Poison
  6. Water
  7. Electric
  8. Grass
  9. Rock
  10. Fire
  11. Dragon
  12. Ground
  13. Dark
  14. Ice
  15. Fighting
  16. Flying
  17. Psychic
  18. Bug


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Arceus form usage differs depending on level on the ladder. This Arceus usage data is from the higher Ubers ladder.


Free to hold any item and provides STAB and priority with Extreme Speed


Takes care of the numerous Psychic and Ghost types in Ubers


Easily handles the likes of Blaziken, Ho-Oh, and Groudon.


Useful due to the ridiculous amount of Dragon types in Ubers, but there are also many Steel type threats.


Mainly used for coverage against Kyogre, which few Ubers-mons can handle.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Arceus-Rock- quickly counters Ho-Oh and Reshiram and also offers a typing which is otherwise non-existent in Ubers.
  • Arceus-Poison- can absorb Toxic, allowing it to set up. However, there are many Ubers Pokemon that resist or are immune to Poison type moves
  • Arceus-Ground- Earthquake is ridiculously powerful, especially with a Swords Dance boost and made extremely useful now that Mega Mawile and Aegislash are banned to Ubers
  • Arceus-Steel- Can provide a Physical or Special set with an immunity to Toxic, allowing it to set up


You do realize the highest one is Arceus-Normal?
| 3    | Arceus             | 38.00167% | 82078  | 16.706% | 59806  | 16.531%
Ye. I'm dum.
arceus normal
Arceus-Ghost is very used (in my opinion) for extreme speed.