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My ExtremeSpeed killer Arceus is a god(legit) . On Pokémon X it destroys everything! I wonder, due to the new amount of tanky Pokémon on sun/moon / ultra sun/ ultra moon, is my Arceus still going to do well, or should I keep it in X/Y.

It’s adamant nature /w recover,swords dance, Extreme speed and Shadow Claw trained in HP and Attack. I got it a while ago on Pokémon Pearl. I heard they will be shutting down the X/Y servers in a few years I wonder if it’s worth using in SM/USUM.

(When answering please keep in mind this Arceus carries my entire team on X and I won’t do very well without it).

Gengar's ability changed in Gen 7. :P

I think sumwun wants to know if you'll fight in BSS or 6v6 Free battles. :P
I would play with species clause if that’s allowed.
So a team of 6 Groudons is not allowed?
I would only be able to use one of each Pokémon.
In that case, I think it's mostly viable, but you should replace recover with earthquake to hit more steel Pokemon.

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Arceus is certainly a viable sweeper, mainly because it has the strongest extreme speed priority in the whole game. 120/120/120 defenses and one weakness means Arceus can also take a hit. I'd recommend replacing recover with earthquake to cover rock, steel, and Groudon and giving it a Chople berry to check Lucario and Marshadow more easily.

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What’s a Chople berry.
A berry that halves the Damage from a super effective Fighting type attack. :P
I haven’t seen one of those in X. Where can I find one?